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New Short Movie: The Gift

My new short movie, The Gift (May 2011), is available for your viewing pleasure...

A young, poor couple love each other very much. Each decides to sell their most valuable possessions in order to buy special gifts for each other on the Valentines Day. However, both of these gifts turn out to be useless without the presence of the items they took mighty pride in, but had to sell.

- Annie Hill
- Caner Malkaralı

- Sebastien Bernard (Radio Voice)

Cinematography by Esra Aral

- "Dert Bende" - Mine Koşan
- "Adagio in C Minor For Strings & Organ" - Albinoni

Semester Project for Vassar College Filmmaking. May 2011.
Shot on 16mm Kodak Vision 3 Color Negative Film with Bolex.

Written & Directed by Caner Malkaralı


Caner Malkaralı

I am a Turkish student at Vassar College, studying Economics, Film and English. My first notable literary work is a novel, named Keskin Faik. Currently, I am working on a few short films and movie/series scripts.

I am an alumnus of Robert College (Istanbul, 2008) and a current undergraduate student at Vassar College (New York, 2012).